Flat Iron Task Force

Although it was commonly known as the Smith Building in the early days, we have since come to know this iconic building in Mt. Airy as the Flatiron Building. In October 1951, the town of Mt. Airy purchased the Flatiron building for $12,050, and it has remained in possession of the town ever since. The building has served a variety of functions over the years, including town hall, the local Maryland State Police office, a branch of the County Library, a military museum, and the former home to the Historical Society of Mt. Airy Museum. For 120 years, the building has stood at the heart of downtown Mt. Airy and contributes to our town's listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Mayoral Flatiron Task Force was established as a way to evaluate the integrity of the Flatiron building, as well as revisiting the proposed pedestrian walkway and community plaza preservation plan. The Historical Society of Mt. Airy also plays an essential role in this proposal, aiding in the financial assistance for another building evaluation in order to address growing safety concerns of the building. State funds and preservation grants can help offset town costs to restore the functionality of the building to serve a variety of purposes, including an open meeting space, pop-up art gallery, performing arts venue, needed town storage space, living history museum, community forum, etc. which other historic towns across America have successfully achieved through “Adaptive Reuse Architecture". You can help to save the building by following the Flatiron Facebook group and any additional resources that may be posted there for community use.

Committees Available

If interested in joining a committee or interested in the future of the Flat Iron building here are the committees you may be able to serve on:

  • Grants Finance/Fundraising;
  • Government Outreach;
  • Architectural Concepts;
  • Arts and Design;
  • Building Engineering and Safety;
  • Plaza, Patio, Streetscapes;
  • Public Relations & social media.


  • Larry Valett (Task Force Chairperson)
  • Council Member Lynne Galletti (Liaison)
  • Mike Eacho (Vice Chair)
  • Diann Linton (Treasurer)
  • Adele Connolly (Secretary)
  • Charles Beck
  • Rick Dye
  • Lee Haigwood
  • Nikki Jeffries
  • Olivia Kuehner
  • Jim Molesworth

Please contact Town Hall with interest in serving on the Task Force. Call 301-829-1424 or email.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

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