Where To Recycle “Everything Else”

Where To Recycle “Everything Else”



This information is subject to change! Please clean and dry containers/bags prior to drop off.


Baby food pouches: Common Market


Batteries (alkaline): Common Market and MOM’s Organic Market


Batteries (rechargeable): Home Depot, Lowe’s, Staples


Beauty product packaging: Common Market


Bicycles/parts: Mt. Airy Bicycles


Chip and snack bags (Plastic outside, silver inside): Common Market


Clothing/Textiles (unusable): H&M, Northern County Landfill & Recycling Center


CFL bulbs (intact): Common Market, Home Depot, Lowe’s


Contact lenses/ blister packs: Mt. Airy Eye Care (dropbox in store, pickup is on hold)


Cookie, bar, and candy wrappers (foil lined): Common Market


Cooking Oil: Northern Landfill & Recycling Center


Cork: (natural): Mom’s Organic Market


Disposable gloves: Common Market


Electronics: E-End (takes computer equipment, communications equipment,                                                                  and personal electronics), MOM’s Organic Market (takes cell phones, tablets, and chargers), Common Market (takes same as MOM’s plus laptops), Staples (takes small and larger electronics waste), Northern Landfill and Recycling Center


Eyeglasses: Wesbanco, MOM’s Organic Market


Flexible Foam (clean): Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling takes                                            foam carpet padding, foam couch cushions, and foam only mattresses


Ink cartridges: Common Market, Staples


K-cups: Common Market


Oyster shells: Northern Landfill & Recycling Center in Westminster, Salerno’s  Restaurant and Catering, MOM’s Organic Market


Plastic bags: Food Lion, Safeway, Walmart, Weis


Shoes (usable & unusable): Shoe Dept., MOM’s Organic Market (please tie together)


Scrap Metal: Northern Landfill & Recycling Center,


Toner cartridges: Staples


Vinyl Siding: Northern Landfill and Recycling Center, Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling




 Know something to add to this list?

Email: Acollier@mountairymd.gov