Green Auto Care

Auto Care

These two simple steps provide ways to reduce stormwater pollution that originates from automobiles and their maintenance.

Wash At A Carwash

Washing your car in your driveway, or on any paved surface, allows the soapy water and dirt from your car to quickly enter a stormdrain. From there, it goes directly to local waters.

  • The best way to reduce pollution from car washing, though, is to wash your car at a commercial car wash facility. They are required to collect and dispose of the wash water properly.
  • If a car wash isn’t an option, simply washing your car on a more permeable surface such as the lawn or a gravel driveway can help keep that pollution out of stormdrains.

Recycle Used Oil

Pouring oil out anywhere is a threat to drinking water supplies and the waters that we Rhode Islanders love to fish, boat, and swim! If you change your own oil, it needs to be recycled:

  • Drain it into a container with a tight-fitting cap.
  • Take the used oil to a transfer station in your community or to a local auto parts shop. Most will collect the oil from you.

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Making Auto Care Stormwater-Friendly