Sustainable Mount Airy Commission

The Town of Mount Airy is Sustainable Maryland Certified! 

The Commission meets in Town Hall on the 3rd Wednesday of Even Numbered Months: February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Charter: To encourage, teach, and promote the activities, duties, and other needed actions to achieve the Maryland Sustainable Certification and increase the benefits to our Town, our environment, and our residents by ensuring “Green” sustainable activities as part of our daily lives.


1. Study, investigate, and make recommendations to the Council of the Town from time to time concerning the adoption of reasonable environmentally friendly policies and practices.

2. Review and provide advice to the Mayor, Town Staff, and the Town Council as to zoning and planning measures that can and should be undertaken to promote a healthy environment for the Town and its residents.

3. Undertake studies, programs, and recommendations as may be appropriate or requested from time to time by the Town Council. 

The Commission will consist of up to 9 members, including one member of the Town Council. Members of the Commission do not need to be residents of the Town and shall be appointed for terms of three years. 


  • Karl Munder - Council Liaison (May 2027)
  • Mike Dixon - Chair (July 2024)
  • Tom Neff (July 2024)
  • Kenneth Humbel (July 2024)
  • Larry Black (May 2025)
  • Kelly Neff (May 2025)
  • Michelle Mouthapong (September 2024)
  • Vacant 
  • Vacant 

Ways to go GREEN!

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