Town of Mount Airy Adopt-A-Road Program

Town of Mount Airy  Adopt a Road Program 

The Town of Mount Airy enlists citizen volunteers' help to remove litter from local town roadsides. This program provides recognition for participating companies and local organizations. With your help, we can bring the environmental and monetary costs of littering into public awareness, and promotes civic responsibility and pride. The volunteers of the Adopt-A-Road program serve as visible reminders to the public that we are all stewards of the land.   Thanks for helping Keep the Town of Mount Airy litter-free!

During your two-year commitment, volunteers are expected to visit their road section to perform the following tasks:

  • Organize and perform routine 4 routine clean-ups (1 time every 3 months)
  • Notify the town of any hazards or vandalism
  • Monitor your road between clean-ups
  • Place clean-up bags at your signage for disposal
  • Take photos of the clean-up for recognition

Roads for Adoption:

  • Park Ridge Drive
  • Park Avenue (Adopted)
  • Rising Ridge Road (Adopted)
  • Merridale Blvd
  • Ridge Avenue
  • Center Street
  • Prospect Road
  • Leafy Hollow Road
  • Watersville Road & Cottonwood Avenue
  • Buffalo Road (Adopted)
  • South Main Street
  • North Main Street
  • Twin Arch Road
  • Back Acre Circle
  • Century Drive
  • Ridgeville Blvd East of Route 27 (Adopted)
  • Ridgeville Blvd West of Route 27
  • Village Oaks Drive

For more information please contact Ashley Collier at