Snow Removal Information

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The Town of Mount Airy reminds all residents to remove vehicles from all public streets when impending weather forecasts call for snow plows or salting of roads. If parking in your garage or driveway is limited, please consider moving cars to your yards to avoid damage and allow the public works crews to safely and efficiently remove snow from the streets. On some of our more narrow streets, snow that cannot be plowed properly could block access for emergency vehicles in the case of an emergency.
As a reminder, as crews plow snow along our streets they try their best to not plow snow into driveways or put snow on the sidewalks. However, especially in cases of higher amounts of snow, sometimes this cannot be avoided. Our staff works hard to make sure streets are open for emergency vehicles, as well as to allow our residents to safely travel if necessary to meet their daily needs.
As residents remove snow from their sidewalks and driveways please remember that snow should be moved into non-public areas such as yards.
Town of Mount Airy crews are planning to work around the clock to keep our streets as safe as possible. Please help them to operate safely and efficiently by adhering to the items listed above and by limiting travel if possible. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding snow removal within Town of Mount Airy limits, please use the form below to contact us and we will address as soon as possible.

Declaration of a Snow Emergency 

  1. If the SHA and Carroll or Frederick County declare a show emergency regarding their roads in Mount Airy, then the Mayor will automatically do the same and declare a snow emergency throughout Mount Airy.
  2. Upon such a declaration, the Town Staff will cause notice to be given to the citizens by all means available and any other methods the Mayor deems necessary.  This notice should outline street parking restrictions.
  3. Parking on Mount Airy streets are governed by 105-23 C (see below).
  4. The Mayor may exempt certain classes of vehicles as in his discretion where the parking restrictions are unreasonable.

Operations from Public Works perspective 

  1. Salting begins as soon as the road /temp hits freezing, 6 trucks spread. Once salt will not keep the road clear, plowing begins. 
  2. The Town of Mount Airy has 14 plow trucks, with 14 routes. 


  1. The Town of Mount Airy will do their best to update the community on snow removal status via the Town's website and Facebook page.
  2. All communications from citizens regarding in-town snow removal should come through the form located on this page or at this link.

§ 105-23 Declaration; notice; parking restrictions; violations and penalties.

A. In the event that the State Highway Administration or the appropriate authorities of Carroll County or of Frederick County declare a snow emergency with respect to any roads or highways which traverse through the Town of Mount Airy or are located within 1/2 mile of the Town boundaries, then the Mayor of the Town of Mount Airy will automatically do the same and declare a snow emergency within the Town of Mount Airy. No additional notice to residents will be given.[Amended 1-3-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-1]

B. Upon such a declaration by the Mayor, the Mayor shall cause notice of the same to be given to all local radio stations, cable franchisees and the printed media. Notice of such declaration of snow emergencies shall also be posted in a conspicuous place at the Town Hall and at such other locations and shall be given by such other means as the Mayor may determine. 

C. During the period of a snow emergency, any vehicle previously parked on a Town street shall be moved as promptly as possible to any available off-street parking available for the owner of the vehicle (driveways, parking pads and the like) and if none is available shall be moved to any public off-street parking area located within a reasonable distance. In the absence of both private and reasonably available public off-street parking, the owners shall park on nearby grass areas or sidewalks (but need not climb curbs to do so), and, if that is not feasible, then the vehicle must be parked so that the inner wheels are within six inches of the curb or edge of paving, as the case may be.

 D. During the period of snow emergency, no vehicle shall be newly parked on any Town street except in conformity with the provisions of Subsection C.

E. Violation of this article shall be a municipal infraction, and the amount of the infraction fine assessed is $100. Evidence satisfactory to the trier of fact that any defendant proceeded against with respect to a violation of the parking provisions of this article either did not know or should not have known of the declaration of the snow emergency shall be a defense to any municipal infraction citation. 

F. The Mayor is further authorized to exempt from the provisions of this article certain classes of vehicles such as emergency vehicles, vehicles with handicapped license tags and such other vehicles as in his discretion would render the application of this article unreasonable.