Hometown Heroes Banner Program

Mount Airy has decided to implement a Hometown Heroes Banner Program! Thanks to Councilwoman Patty Washabaugh, Suzi Way, and Mary Hushour for working with Staff to make this a reality for our Town! 

The program is to honor the men and women from this community who have served or are currently serving our Country in a branch of the military. This year we are purchasing sixty (60) banners. Each banner will cost $100. You will need to fill out a separate application for each banner you would like to purchase.

Each unique banner includes the soldier’s picture and branch of service. The banners are 24″ wide and 44″ tall and could include the Era of Service at the bottom. We cannot guarantee exact banner placement; however, if you have a spot that you would like to request, we’d love to try to honor the request.

Our aim is for the sixty banners to be displayed in the Historic District from Labor Day to Veterans Day. The banners will be re-displayed the following year and is planned for Memorial Day to Veterans Day.  

We encourage you to visit Historic Mount Airy and to see the Heroes banners proudly displayed this fall.

Please fill out an application today and email to Melissa at mthorn@mountairymd.gov.. If you have any questions please call 301-829-1424.

Application Information