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Posted on: February 1, 2024

Code Enforcement Corner -- Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign!


Code Enforcement Corner 

Reminders from the Code Enforcement Specialist

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!

Proliferations of temporary advertising signs that are regularly placed throughout the Town of Mount Airy have long been a source of complaints by residents and businesses alike due to their many numbers and unsightly appearance to those visiting our Town.   

The Town recognizes that there are certain times that signage may be needed to advertise a special, unique, limited activity or service for a limited duration. To address these needs the Town has a specific use and approval process for these types of signs.  

Town Code allows:

 A temporary business sign identifying a special, unique, or limited activity, service, product, or sale of limited duration. Temporary business sign maybe be requested for permitting no more than three (3) times a year within a 12-month year. Signs may be erected for a period not to exceed 30 days and if not removed after 30-day period, Zoning Administrator will have the banner removed and disposed of same. Temporary signs shall not impede any safety issues.

temporary Event Signs announcing a campaign, drive, activity, or even of a civic, philanthropic, educational, or religious organization for non-commercial purpose. The permitted number, area, height, location, and construction of temporary event signs shall be determined by the Zoning Administrator with consideration given to the public safety and the signage reasonably necessary and appropriate for the intended purpose. Any temporary event sign which shall be allowed to extend over or onto a public right of way shall be erected and maintained in such a manner as not to interfere or obstruct access, activity, or vision along any such public right of way. Temporary event signs may be erected for a period not to exceed 30 days and if not removed after the 30-day, Zoning Administrator will have the banner removed and dispose of same.

A permit must be obtained prior to the placement of any signs designated for the above purposes. You can find a permit application on the Town of Mount Airy website or by contacting the Town Hall. 

Signs that are placed without a permit in violation of the Town code will be removed by the Code Enforcement Specialist or other Town employees. The signs will be kept for a period not exceeding 30 days. A fine of $25.00 dollars will be assessed to the owner of each sign found in violation. Signs collected from repeat violators will be disposed of within 5 days of collection.

So please:

Make sure to obtain a permit and follow all requirements. 

We must all work together to ensure our Town remains an attractive place for residents and guests.   

Voluntary compliance is our goal, and your cooperation is essential. 

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