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Posted on: December 21, 2022

Deicing Tips for Homeowners


De-icing Tips for Homeowners
“Do’s and Don’ts”

The improper use of de-icing materials can cause 
environmental damage and contaminate our water system. 
Please keep these DO’s and DON’Ts in mind during icing events.

Yes….Do This: 
* Use a brine or dust lightly with deicer just as it starts to snow or just before to keep the snow and ice from sticking.
* Shovel or plow before applying another thin layer of deicer again. The more you remove, the less salt you will need.
* More salt is not more effective, just more expensive and more damaging.
* If you have to use the sodium chloride form of salt, apply it only if the temperature will remain above 15° F. It is ineffective below 15° F.
* Follow the product instructions for amount to apply. Don’t over apply; more is not better.
* Rinse pets’ paws before entering the house or keep a water pan for rinsing salt to protect their feet and your floors.
* Sweep then scoop up deicer remaining on pavement after the snow or ice is melted, and keep it to use again.
* Store your salt / deicers in an impervious container in a dry area to protect from exposure and leakage.
* Remove footwear after entering your residence to protect carpets and floors.
* Plant salt tolerant trees, plants, and shrubs in areas where salt is applied. 
No…. Don’t Do This:

* Don't over apply.
* Don't apply deicer on top of several inches of snow, as it is ineffective. 
* Don't apply sodium chloride rock salt if the temperature is below 15° F.
* Don't forget to clean it up after the snow is clear.
* Don't use fertilizer as a deicer 

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