Park Naturalist Notes

Park Naturalist Notes 

May 23

Spring Ephemerals

Posted on May 23, 2020 at 5:42 PM by Gina Campanile

Spring Ephemerals are short-lived wildflowers that come and go before the leaves on the trees block the sunlight.

Two of the Spring Ephemerals that were recently noticed blooming are Hepatica and Bloodroot.

Hepatica is in the buttercup family –
• One of the first wildflowers to bloom
• Flowers range from pink, lavender or purple to white
• Burgundy, three-lobed leaves
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Bloodroot is in the poppy family –
• The flower opens in full sun and closes at night
• Stem and roots secrete a red-orange liquid that was used by Native Americans for dye, war paint, and insect repellent
• Roots are poisonous
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