Bill Payment

We are currently in the process of changing the software used to manage our billing process to Muni-Link by Link Computer Corporation. Along with a number of features which will improve our service to you, this software includes an online feature titled the Customer Portal. The Customer Portal provides you with the opportunity to access your account information and activity through the Internet. In addition, you will be able to view your account activity and pay your bills.

One of the features available through the Customer Portal is to sign up for eBilling. To do this, you must first sign up for the Customer Portal and then select the eBilling option. If you have already signed up for eBilling in the past, you still will need to register for this new program. To complete the steps required to register through the Customer Portal, you will need the following information.

  • Website eBilling Address:
  • Account Number: Your account number is the same as the previous systems account number.
  • CID: If you register before the July 2022 billing. Please call Town Hall for this information (301) 829-1424. After July, the CID will be listed on your bill. 

Registering through the Customer Portal, for eBilling is optional. If you do not register, you will receive a bill by mail. 

Instructions to Register for E-Billing on the Customer Portal

Online Water Bill Payment