Site & Subdivision Plan Development Review

The Town of Mount Airy Planning Department coordinates the planning review and approval process for development applications and building permits.


The Planning Department staff includes the:
  • Director of Planning & Zoning, John Breeding,
  • Planning & Zoning Review Coordinator, Debra Clinton,
  • Town Engineer, Barney Quinn,
  • Assistant Engineer/Town Inspector, Chaslyn Derexson,
The Planning Department provides technical support to the Town of Mount Airy Planning Commission for each project. Development projects are reviewed for the compliance with the Town of Mount Airy Subdivision and Zoning Regulations and evaluated for compatibility with the Town's Comprehensive Plan and Design Guidelines.

Review Process

Getting Started - Site Plans & Subdivisions

A. Pre-Submittal Requirement
A presubmittal conference is required with the Town Planning Staff prior to application to ensure general compliance with planning and zoning regulations and procedures.

Pre-submittal meetings are held on Thursday and may be scheduled by calling the Town Planner, Heather Smith at 301-829-1424. The deadline to be included on the following week's pre-submittal agenda is 5 p.m. on the Tuesday before the pre-submittal meeting date. There is no fee for a pre-submittal meeting.

The following information will need to be provided at the pre-submittal meeting:
a. A concept plan that is drawn to scale and shows the location of the buildings, parking access, buffers, and other significant site features.
b. Architectural Elevations.
c. Proposed land uses.
The Town Planner is also available to provide general information to informally discuss potential projects and provide general information regarding the development review process. For further information contact Heather Smith at 301-829-1424.

B. Application Requirements

Applicants are encouraged to refer to Chapter 98 "Subdivision of Land and Site Plan Review" of the Town of Mount Airy Code for the comprehensive regulations regarding the development review process.

The Town has developed Site Plan and Subdivision Plan Development Review procedures to guide applicants through their individual project:

Find and complete the online form for the Site Plan Application. We do recommend reading the review pages in this section, first.


Annexation is the process of petitioning the Town of Mount Airy to bring land into the jurisdiction of the incorporated Town limits that currently lies outside of the Town's boundary. Chapter 44 of the Town of Mount Airy Code governs the annexation process for the Town of Mount Airy.

Questions regarding Annexation should be referred to the Town Administrator at 301-829-1424.