Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department responds to complaints from residents and businesses that affect the quality of life within the corporate limits of Mount Airy. There are two forms to complete for complaints. Please contact the Code Enforcement Specialist if you have questions on either form:

  • Noise Complaint Form (right hand side of page - Download PDF)
  • Report a Town Code or Zoning Violation (online form below)


Main concerns of Code Enforcement are issues such as:

  • Illegal Signs
  • Inoperative or Unlicensed Vehicles
  • Maintenance of Structures
  • Overgrown Yards and Lots
  • Public Nuisances
  • Zoning

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are also performed throughout the town to ensure properties are in compliance with the Code of the Town of Mount Airy.

Report a Town Code or Zoning Violation

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